Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wanderin On Wednesday

I live in Gorgeous Colorado in a city right at the foot of Pikes Peak so an hour long hike through a city park can look and sound like this:

We have had an unusual, and when I say unusual I mean record breaking, never before seen, amount of rain. This amount of water prompted me to spend a Saturday morning walking up Helen Hunt Falls. 


Take a walk with me.....

Its been a hot day so maybe we should dip our feet.


Thanks for the walk. Next time we might find the road less traveled.

Happy Hooking!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Treasury Tuesday

I am highlighting a newer member of my Etsy team in today's treasury.

Today's anchor item is a travel photograph from Ashley Tiedgen Photography. This is my favorite photo of Ashley's but when visiting her shop its very difficult to choose just one favorite. She has a great eye and her abandoned studies are sublime.  

Here is what Ashley say's about herself and her photography: 

Corky Urban Exploration Photographer

I am an on-location photographer, which means the lovely land we live on is my studio. My photos capture the details of the forgotten memories left to rot with time. My clients include abandoned cities, forgotten buildings and desolate landscapes therefore I abide by the commonly known phrase "take only photos, leave only footsteps." 

I shoot mostly digital, but lately, I've been hanging out with a Canon AE-1 Program and a Vintage Yashica Twin Lens Reflex Camera. They are my new loves and you'll start to see more film photography in my shop! yay!

I love music, postcards and shoes. I fully embrace my inner dork and dance parties are a must. When I'm not writing about myself in the third person, I like to go hiking, running, draw, and dream about the day that I can buy a house with a studio and a garden. I live in Denver, CO with my cat Elton, but love to travel around the country and explore new spaces and environments. Usually and frequently ones not marked on a tourist map. Urban Exploration at its finest.

Here is what other's are saying about Ashley:

  • this is beautiful! you are so talented!
  • Fast shipping, great customer service, and beautiful prints! Definitely an A+ ! Can't wait to be a repeat customer; highly recommend this seller and shop!

You can find Ashley at her Etsy shop and Facebook

Until next time happy hooking everyone!

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Daily Grind

The Grind: Fresh Ground Sumatra as I sit at my dining room table.

Half a year has gone by and we are all looking back on our new years resolutions that have been abandoned. If you recall I posted a few of them right here on this blog. Just a refresher.

  1. Introduce you to a new favorite coffee haunt each week as well as a new pattern I am working on.
  2. Bring back Treasury Tuesday
  3. Post once more during the week. 
As you can see I have not kept to these resolutions. But instead of leaving my resolutions in the dust this year I have decided to take a closer look at them.

Number 1:
Why haven't I introduced you to a new favorite haunt and new pattern each week. Well, I don't know why I haven't been visiting my favorite coffee houses and finding new ones. That is an egregious over site that is going to take more effort on my part. As far as new patterns are concerned. I don't write a new pattern every week. As a matter of fact I am trying to make an effort to crochet everyday. Its this weird mind block that I have. When I know that its my business I let myself get distracted. So I have changed my crochet perspective in the last 6 months. Instead of working on a pattern a week I have chosen to work on collections. Right now I am working on my Pom-Pom Parade collection for kids. It is a fall and winter collection that will come out in September and it features.....wait for it..... POM-POMS. It will consist of three hat and scarf sets, a pair of boot cuffs and mittens. YAY!!!! Here are a few photos so far of the finished projects

.Number 2:
Treasury Tuesday. I have wanted to revamp this as well. I am working on bringing Tipsy Tuesday as a regular blog post every other Tuesday to post along with Treasury Tuesday. Tipsy Tuesday will include tips that will enhance your crochet creating or your crochet business. Diligence will be key here.

Number 3:
Posting blog posts is a difficult thing for me to do in the first place. I am not a blogger. I am much more of a conversationalist then a writer and I have a very rocky relationship with the comma. So, I have been listening to a the podcast How They Blog and it has given me some great motivation and insight.
How To Blog Like An Olympian I just have to sit down every day and write. Write about anything for half an hour a day. Maybe those thoughts will become blog posts, maybe they will be on a random piece of paper that eventually gets tossed in the craft room trash bin but at least I will have written something. (Do you think pattern writing counts?) Discipline must be my watch word.

So here are my new resolutions based on my old ones:

  1. Drink more coffee and tell you about it (so difficult...hee hee).
  2. Crochet for at least an hour each day and have a camera ready while I do it. (That means I must get a new phone.)
  3. Put my teaching and marketing experience to use in this blog.
  4. Write for 30 minutes each day. (Not just a to-do list) 

Maybe you should not think about your resolutions as failures, instead pick them up, brush them off and examine them for the lessons learned and re-apply. So what are your new goals?