Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Treasury Tuesday

This month all of my treasuries have one thing in common. If you can guess that thing your name will be put into a drawing for a scarf from my shop, your choice. 

Today's anchor item is a fellow Colorado artist Brock and his Etsy store Wabi Sabi Wolverine. The anchor piece is a hand painted card that features a guitar in Japanese style ink art. 

What Brock has to say about himself.....

art in collaboration with nature
W A B I • S A B I
Rooted in the Zen Buddhist principles of transience and simplicity, wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic theory that strives to mimic natural beauty by emphasizing the characteristics of imperfection and impermanence.

Sometimes the hardest part of my creative process is knowing when to stop and let the works speak for themselves. My role as an artist is to not interfere. With this work I hope to express my sincere respect for nature, and to inspire others to develop and strengthen their personal relationships with the natural world. We are all connected to the landscape in many complicated and beautiful ways. Landscapes define and sustain us.

An elusive animal of the boreal mountains. A symbol of wilderness and the spirit of nature.

As an ecologist, I view landscapes as processes, driven by natural forces. As an artist, they are shapes, forms and textures. As a person, I view landscapes as experiences. All of these perspectives are incorporated into my works, which explore my relationship with landscape.

My artwork relies on nature as a true collaborator. Found objects are innately embedded with meaning. For example, metal is a symbol of industry, while rust demonstrates the resilience of nature, the passage of time, and the beauty of change. Rusted metal is a point where man and nature meet.

My ink works are inspired by Zen brushwork and calligraphy. Negative space plays an important role in these works as forms are simplified, distilled and expressed as only a few practiced brushstrokes.

While I'm featuring my ink works in my shop right now, I also create sculptural works using found objects and materials like concrete. Please visit my website at wabisabiwolverine.com to view a more expanded portfolio.”

What others are saying about him.....

“Arrived promptly and perfectly protected. Looks a good as on the screen!”

“love this card, perfect, thank you!


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