Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Treasury Tuesday

Here is another installment of Treasury Tuesday. As many of you know I have a Facebook giveaway going on with my treasury titles for the month of November and no one has guessed correctly yet. This week is very exciting because I am using a vintage seller for the first time. Enjoy.

Today's anchor piece is an amazing vintage dress from FabGabs vintage Etsy store and owner Julie Bergman. 

Here is what Julie has to say about herself....

"Vintage Clothing - Casual, Classic and Couture

Collecting and selling vintage clothing always comes from a place of passion, whether it is about the fashion, about the history or about expressing yourself. It's often all of the above. Fab Gabs is a business that thrives because all of us have a passion for the eras, the history, the style, and our customers.

Wearing the past does not mean you are out of style. Quality vintage clothing is always relevant and fashionable, whatever the current trends may be. We believe that you can wear vintage every day if you wish, no matter what you do. A smart vintage blouse or sportcoat can be mixed with modern accessories for the workplace. Or you can go whole-hog and pair your clothing with the period-appropriate hat and shoes. When you choose vintage, however you wear it, you will stand out as being put together, tailored and unique.

Matching the right clothes to the person is our pleasure here at Fab Gabs. Lady or gent, whoever you are and whatever era calls to you, we are delighted to serve you."

Here is what others are saying about Julie....

“This dress will be a staple in my winter wardrobe, as it is gorgeously cut and sewn and fits very well. Shopping at FabGabs is well worthwhile!
“I am so happy with my purchase from FabGabs! This coat is even prettier in person (and I thought it was very cute online!) While it was just as described online, the colours were even more vibrant in person, and and I can't wait for spring. This shop was quick to answer my questions and very warm and friendly. It was a pleasure to purchase my coat from FabGabs and I'm looking forward to shopping with them again soon!
“Arrived safely and both pieces are in excellent condition, just as advertised. And the sizing was accurately described, which was my biggest worry. I would buy from this seller again.
“Darling tilt hat as described and pictured. Smooth and very speedy transaction. I appreciate how swiftly it arrived here since you mailed so quickly after my payment. From your personal collection to mine, it will occasionally appear in a museum exhibit as I am curator or our town's museum. From one good home to another. I'm happy! Thanks again.

Until next week happy hunting.


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