Friday, May 29, 2015

Inspiration Board

I have been listening to a few podcasts and they have inspired me quite a bit. Oh So Pinteresting Podcast has great incite. I have been wanting to increase my online presence for a while and I am not a tweeter, (which is surprising considering how much I talk), I like Instagram. Instagram unfortunately acts more like a billboard instead of a conversation so I have decided to use Pinterest as one of my social media platforms because I LOVE COLOR. 

Color is probably the number one consideration when I come up with my designs. Texture and ease of pattern are probably secondary concerns for me. I have been working on a new collection, the pom-pom scarf seen in an earlier post, and I have decided to create a virtual Inspiration Board based on the pastels in the collection. 


I will be using the light blue, mint and tan for the boys side and the grey, pink and white for the girls side. I put the two color combinations on the same board to see how they look together. Its a bit cluttered for my first board but these are a work in progress. 

I will probably not be sharing the finished products on my blog because they will be pitched to a magazine. I am very excited. This will be my first magazine pattern pitch. 

Wish me luck. Talk to you Monday. 


Anthony Khoury said...

While Twitter maybe the go-to online presence of most businesses, I think it is still best to tailor it to the kind of products or services you offer. And since you mainly deal with products that are visually appealing, Instagram and Pinterest are definitely the best fit. Make it auto-post that to a Facebook page, and you can basically update it all at the same time, giving your followers in those different platforms updates on new products and happenings. That being said, good luck with boosting your online presence, and I hope it helps draw in more followers and potential clients in the future. Cheers!

Anthony Khoury @ Easy Dial Marketing

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