Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Treasury Trove Tuesday

Hello Everyone!!! After a very.....very.....very loooooooong absence from the blogging world I have decided to restart this conversation. I have been a part of a most excellent group on Etsy called Etsy Colorado (check us out http://teametsycolorado.com/), and I am going to reintroduce my blog by introducing you to our Member of the Month, PAGEFIFTYFIVE.

Today's anchor item is one of PAGE FIFTY FIVE's fantastic clever cards with original artwork and creative sayings.

Here is what Melissa of PAGE FIFTY FIVE has to say about herself:

Hi! I’m Melissa…the girl behind PAGEFIFTYFIVE. Ever since I can remember, I have been creating. From laying on the kitchen floor with crayons and construction paper, riding on the bus doodling with markers and loose leaf, or sitting next to my Grandpa as he taught me how to fold and design a card…it’s all molded me to be who I am today. 
From this urge to create beautiful things everyday, PAGEFIFTYFIVE was thought up, dreamed about, and finally born! PAGEFIFTYFIVE revels in the simple, delights in the quirky and combines these two ideas to create products that everyone will love! 

Where does my inspiration come from? Seriously…all over! My friends, my loved ones, conversations I overhear at coffee shops, books I read, people I observe, past experiences and the world around me. I never leave home without a notebook and a pen…and without a doubt, I always come home with a little sketch for my next card and some inspiration. I think up, design, print, score, package, paint, sew and package everything in my home studio! This is the part of owning my own handmade business that I love. My hope is that my products will make people smile, make their heart happy and encourage them to pass that good feeling along. 

When I’m not creating new ideas for the shop, I am always consumed with another creative project. I dream up new DIY projects, I research new juicing recipes, I decorate our home with repurposed finds, I embroider quirky ideas onto hoops, I take adventures through novels, I dabble in photography (okay….mostly just obsess with Instagram), and do a bit of cooking and baking.

My ultimate goal is to live a happy, creative life…I would say, so far, so good.

Here is what other's have to say about Melissa and her cards:

  • The card was exactly as shown and was wrapped very nicely inside of a protected envelope. Melissa replied to my messages right away and answered any questions that I had. I will definitely be ordering from her shop again. Love the card by the way! Thanks again!
  • Who doesn't like a butt joke card for valentine's day? Especially on heavy card stock with a nice envelope.
  • AWESOME SAUCE!!!!! I loved it!
Check out Melissa on Etsy at PAGE FIFTY FIVE for the most clever cards online. 


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