Monday, August 3, 2015

The Daily Grind

The Grind: Iced Coffee at Kawa Cafe.

Kawa is this fantastic little hole in the wall that I found when I was getting my tax licence for my craft fairs two years ago. They have amazing bagel sandwiches and I love a good Ruben. 

Why the Daily Grind? I love local coffee shops. Even though Knitwits and Hookers (my local knit and crochet club) meets at Starbucks my general feeling about Starbucks is that it is for travel and when you are home you should visit your local coffee shops, buy from local roasters and sustainable free trade coffee merchants, and always, ALWAYS buy whole bean and grind it at home. So I collect local coffee shops. I am trying to visit all of my local haunts so you can see them. I am always on the lookout for others. What is your favorite local coffee haunt or do you, like me, have several? Do you like a good latte,do you prefer pour over black, or is tea more your style?

Maybe I should figure out how to add the map rich pins onto Pinterest so that as I post my coffee shops readers can see where in my city they are? 

This is what I've been working on my peeps. POM-POMS!!!!!!!! almost done then on to the next collection. 

I created a Pinterest board so that you can see my color inspiration, the yarn I'm working with, techniques I am using and pom-pom how-to's. 
Pastel shades for my 2015/2016 fall and winter collection for kids. I am using Caron Simply Soft yarn.
This is my first of many. I will make a new one for every collection so you see my creative process. I would love to see your work and creative process as well? Post your pictures in the comments, give me a link to your own Pinterest board or send me a link to your Instagram feed so I can see what your up to. 

P.S. my Instagram is.........sorry got distracted by my feed. You can find me on Instagram @joiaurouge


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