Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Treasury Tuesday

I always want to read Tolkien in the fall.....

The anchor for this treasury is an art print from artist Cat Mallard of Darkling Woods

Here is what Cat has to say about herself......

“Ahoy there! I'm Cat Mallard, artist, teacher, illustrator, story teller, and wanderer of imaginary places.

I've been a curiosity seeker since I was a wee girl, always wandering off alone looking for secrets gardens. Fortunately times were different and only once did anyone notice I was gone. A puzzled me wondering why parents were calling the police when I always came back before dinner!

All grown up I became an art teacher, my junior high students and I have been inspiring each other for over 20 years now. That's the day job. I still wander, wonder and create (mostly paintings these days) whenever possible. I'm obsessed with the Pre-Raphaelites and Doctor Who, shiny things and shabby things.

You can find my work published in Sommerset Studio, Better Homes, and Pasticcio Quartz
For more on my work pop by my place at


Here is what others are saying about her......

“Another gorgeous print from this seller! One day I will find an original for sale here, and it would be criminal not to buy it!”

“Love love love! and what a nice little bonus getting the Alice card and I loved the envelope. A delightful experience!”

“The LOTR fan I got this for will be thrilled with it, I feel as though I were looking right at Bag End! This is a great print, perfect for anyone who's a fan of the books or films. Thank you, it arrived quickly and was safely packaged!”

“Love it, I had seen this print on the cover of a magazine in Myrtle Beach and I tracked down the artist to make this purchase. I have always been a Wizard of Oz fan and this is grown up and whimsy! I have it framed in my work office.”

Until next week happy browsing everyone. 
If you come across an artist or a piece that you believe would make an excellent anchor please feel free to post the link in the comments. 


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