Friday, February 20, 2015

Meet the Models

Photo shoots need friends. You get much better photos when your models have someone to play with. Here is the proof.

Meet Jess

 Jess has been my main model for quite a few years now and she chose the other models she wanted to work with. 


Dream Girl

Jess describes her personal style as country chic, unique and fun. 

Meet ElijahMarie

Kindred spirit and gorgeous new mom. She kept the girls laughing. She is my music!

Mom's is crazy.

Fah, Mulan
ElijahMarie's personal style is flamboyant and daring while being vintage chic. 

 The best photos were when they were being completely silly. 
Doesn't ElijahMarie look classic here. Gorgeous ladies

But poses are good too.

Meet Chantel                                                            
Unbelievable green eyes. No photshop here.

So spunky and bold. This was my first time working with Chantel. Why did I wait so long? What a waste of time!

More Pictures....really.

Chantel describes her personal style as sometimes basic white girl :), sometimes hipster, sometimes classy but definitely my own. 

Meet Rachel

Stunning! Really really stunning. It is incredible how unassuming and fun loving she is. Definitely in my group of favorite people.                                                     

Wish I had been able to use this photo on my Etsy site
but the mirror was fuzzy. Note to self. Bring glass
cleaner to photo shoot. 

Not bored really. Just trying not to laugh.

 "I love everything. I love vintage and boho right now. Anything bright I will wear"

Now you have met my models. We will see them again and very soon. This was so much fun. 


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Looks like you all had a blast!

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