Monday, September 24, 2012

Crochet Square Joining Technique

I am often asked about my granny squares. Now granny squares are a basic item that most crocheters know how to make. Most of the time granny squares are one of the first things you learn as you learn to crochet. The challenge then becomes how you do something new with those grannies. Well today I am going to demonstrate a joining technique I use to create a great look to a granny square blanket, you could also use this technique for scarves.

This particular joining creates a ridged ripple along the squares as seen on this blanket. 

How I create this raised ripple pattern.......

Tip: work as you go, then you don't have look at a mountain of squares you have to join. (this only works with squares that do not need to be blocked.) 

As you know a granny corner has three chains. You will be joining the squares together at the middle chain of the granny square.

You will work evenly through both loops along both squares. 
Work around corner onto next square without finishing off. You will end up making two single crochets in middle ch.

The joining will end up looking like this creating a ridged detail diagonally across your blanket or scarf. 


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