Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Treasury Tuesday

Since this is my first Treasury Tuesday I will tell you how it works.
First, what is a treasury? Treasuries are member curated lists on Etsy and one of the ways customers can find items that appeal to them.
I love making treasuries. I love finding Etsy sellers who make unique items or have an amazing vintage eye and promoting their items in such a unique way. I also find that creating treasuries allows for my own inspiration. I will see an item that will lead to my own ideas or will motivate me to make my shop better. The inspiration found through Etsy is almost unparallelled.

I create my treasuries using an anchor piece that stands out to me immediately and I build my treasury around it with color or theme. Each week I will feature the seller who creates my anchor piece. Their store and their story.

Today's anchor piece is a yellow skirt by laken & lila 

Shop owner  and momprenuer (I just love that) Heather Chopra.
Here is what she has to say about her shop.......

“ahhhh... laken&lila. Where did it begin? Almost 2.5 years ago.... I had been pondering the question, what do I want to be when I grow up. (okay in my early 30's I should have already answered that question). I had to do something I loved. Something that originally started as a passion - grew into something much bigger than I ever anticipated. That's where laken&lila began.

I began sewing at a very young age. I still remember making little dolls that looked like snowman when I was just 6 or 7. Of course at that age, I already knew I loved sewing, arts, and crafts, etc. It was not until high school when I had the opportunity to take my first sewing class. Oh it was great.... I made skirts and dresses and tops - oh my. I was in heaven. So when it was time to go to college I majored in communications.... so I guess all these years I've wandered back to what do I (me, myself) want to be when I grow up???

One of those questions, was answered for me.... a mother of a little boy (4 and a half to be exact!) Being a stay at home mom has been one of the hardest, most rewarding and most creative jobs of my life. At this time (2 plus years into laken & lila) I can't consider myself a stay at home mom anymore but rather a mompreneur.

But back to my question what to do with myself and my creativity.. (there are only so many over the top children’s birthday parties to plan each year when you only have one child.. lol) so I guess this is where laken&lila was born.

Of course I had to name this idea after my son (Laken). Now you say where does the name lila come from? Hopefully one day if the fates allow I will have a little girl just like me and her name will be Lila....

Laken's name came from one of my favorite places named Chautauqua Lake (it's in Western New York - google it). Luckily, my studio is located there just steps away from the lake.”

Here are what other people are saying about her shop......

"LOVE our skirt of the month!! Look forward to getting our package in the mail each month!! Will definitely keep buying from her in the future! :)"

"BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for the great attention to quality of your products."

"My new favourite skirt - great seller... super communication, great quality, great price. Will buy again for sure!"

Until next Tuesday happy browsing everyone.


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