Monday, September 10, 2012

The Ultimate Upcycled Owl

One of my dearest friends was surfing Pinterest with her daughter one day and she fell in love with these little stuffed crochet owls. I received a Facebook request for something similar and these fantastic owls are the result...........

Here is a PDF Pattern for this owl

This little guy is very easy to make using very basic single stitches. You will need.......

With your leftover yarn and crochet hook,

-Chain 2
-6 sc in second ch from hook, mark the first sc you made with a stitch marker (I use a safety pin) so you don't lose your place as you work in circles
-in first sc made on first round 2 sc (increase); inc in each sc around (12 sc)
-inc in first sc on second round, sc; *inc, sc* around (18 sc)
-inc in first sc on third round, sc, sc; *inc, sc, sc* around (24 sc)
-sc in each sc for 2 rounds
-inc in first sc on 5th round, sc,sc, sc,; *inc, sc,sc,sc* around (30 sc)
-sc in each sc around
-inc in first sc on 7th round, sc, sc, sc, sc; *in, sc, sc, sc, sc* around (36 sc)
-sc in each sc around for 11 rows

Lay your owl down flat and make sure your marker is in a top corner.

-cut a piece of fabric in a small oval and a piece of felt in a triangle

-glue fabric onto center of your owl and your piece of felt at the top center of your fabric oval so that it sits on the owl and the fabric.....
Sew eyes to each side of owl. Make sure they sit far apart
-sc 2 sc together (dec) sc, sc, sc, sc; *dec, sc,sc,sc,sc* around (30 sc)

Stuff owl

To close fold top of owl in half and you will crochet through both st to close
-sc through first sc on round 20 and last sc made; hdc, dc, hdc through nxt stitches to create the owl's "horns", sc through next 11 stitches, hdc, dc, hdc in through nxt stitches, sc through final sts and finish off. (13 sc, 4 hdc, 2 dc) Weave in end and you’re done.

This is a basic small owl. You can increase even more to make the owl larger. I have made one that was a foot tall and extra wide and I did two decrease rows at the top. Just make sure to adjust your button size to the owl.

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